Tunnex Lab

Tunnex Lab


Tunnex Laboratory Engineering Limited, a fully Nigerian owned company, is a market leader in equipping science laboratories with all necessary wherewithal such as: furniture &  fixtures, equipment, chemicals & reagents, Glasswares as well as refurbishment for  research institutes, schools, hospitals etc.

A rapidly growing family business which was incorporated in 1983 with the aim of providing functional, durable, safe and affordable laboratory and science materials to all levels of Nigerian educational sector-primary, secondary and tertiary institutions.

To a great extent, this purpose is been served, a cursory look at our client list reveals this.

We offer a variety of laboratory designs ranging from those of physical sciences to quality control laboratories and workshop benches.

We normally visit to evaluate a prospective client’s requirement in relation to their available facilities and then produce a preliminary lay-out design based on customer’s lab-flow, the planned instrumentation and anticipated growth potential.

Also, a considerable stock of branded science equipment, glasswares, and chemicals are readily available from renowned manufacturers through our partners in the UK and China, the former representing manufacturers such as Surechem, Sigma, Romil, Jenway, Leica, Ohaus, Hach, Electrothermal and many others.

Our greatest asset is our well trained, tested and highly experienced personnel who ensure long shelf life through our practice of excellent materials selection, design and our traditional craftsmanship equipped with maximum strength and rigidity.

We affirm that we offer the best in our area of specialization and would sincerely appreciate any given opportunity from all over the world. However should the items not be readily available on

our website, please do not hesitate to contact us.